Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In the zone

Just flew down from Philly to NC. You would think that some kind of excitement would happen. Did not.

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen. Cheerwine. Next Dip's. Livin the life...

(4 hours later)
Actually, going to Dip's brought back a bunch of memories. Somehow this restaurant has gotten by for 20-odd years, but the service always sucks and tonight the food was basically no good too. The cornbread was tasty, but the barbeque was crappy and the chicken and dumplings, which I thought a signature dish, bit as well. And we waited 40 minutes for this, not because of the wait but because the cooks were having dinner. When I worked in a restaurant we ate before the shift. This place is shittily managed and would appear to basically coast on a reputation it somehow earned.


Anonymous said...

Ah, your description brings it all back. The ambience, the food, feeling like I should apologize for eating there. The reputation is well deserved. I love the concept and when the food is good it's really good. The service and attitude are perplexing.

Anonymous said...

10-4 on that. Try Bon's (Mildred's offspring)in Univ square for better food and service. Hope Sunrise treated you right.