Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Downtown. Not quite nostalgia.

  • 8:00 AM Diner on Bway in Tribeca – Wood panelling. Lots of grey and also old people. 60ish woman reads hardcover mystery from public library, pulls out NYC DOT employee badge on a shoelace at 8:30. Fidgets with lace to get it to lay right around her neck.
  • 10:30AM Café at W3rd and Bway – basement “stylish” bar, red paint, black toilet, smell of stale beer, not really far from He’s Not Here, just a different skin
  • 11:15AM Step-down Used book store North of Houston on Mercer
    • I don’t know the fiction authors
    • Lit crit authors, not surprisingly, I do know, have not changed
    • Sections for "Computers" and "Computers of the Past"
  • 11:25 DayGlo Orange Lamborghini on Mercer in Soho. No surprises there

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