Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Words of wisdom

Mary got some marketing goodies in the mail from Liberty Mutual that say she can "Save up to $576.92 a year or more on home and auto insurance." Up to X or more. I gotta remember that.

In other news, amidst the general tumult of the exciting Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (just don't say "SIFMA") exhibitors hall I saw Denise Valentine, with whom I interviewed at Celent back in December. She has now left Celent, meaning that now 4 of the 6 people I interviewed (including the one who let slip that Celent had turnover issues) with are now gone from that seemingly unhappy firm, leaving only CEO Octavio Marenzi and the none-too-prepossessing Mayiz Habbal. One wonders how one could allow a small firm to hemorrhage so badly and be so blissfully oblivious to the horribly obvious causes of the defections. That's the one job I'm happiest to have not gotten.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Small professional services firm bleeding away senior staff. I've seen this before somewhere else.