Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In praise of the teachers

Natalie's 1st grade teacher Mrs. Mills is a creature of note. She has a voice that is permanently stuck on the talking-to-child mode. She has full body, 24/7 commitment to teaching, in a way that one sees only very rarely, so that though she may occasionally seem over the top to adults, the kids gaze at her with an awe and reverence utterly denied their parents. The other night Natalie told me in bed that she was sad she wouldn't have Mrs. Mills for 2nd grade, though the fact is she might, as Mrs. Mills is being up-graded.

Let us note also Linda Rockoff of Graham's U-League's D-class. Cash money. Absolute command of the classroom and marvellous rapport with the kids. Though she broke her arm in umpteen places she pulled through and finished out the semester.

It has been a fine year in school.

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