Monday, August 24, 2015

Reflections from our Northern swing

While up North, on those days that I didn't play tennis, I did some running around Larchmont.  It was difficult not to notice how many of the fine homes in the Larchmont Manor were being spruced up. One house that I have often thought amongst the worst exemplars of the "car commercial" house had apparently bought or begun developing some land across from it so it could have symmetrical semi-circle driveways on either side of the road (it's hard to see due to shadows in the pic below, but this gives you a notion of what the house is like)

So.  Lots of $ going into private residences.

Meanwhile, the streets and highways were falling apart.  They're building a new Tappan Zee, hoorah, but lots of other roads are just in crappy shape.

Meanwhile, the world's markets are going to hell because there is a commodities glut.

So, here's my modest proposal.  If things keep going south in the markets, we need quantitative easing that buys up not mortgage-backed securities and the like, as before, but that buys bonds slated to build bridges, roads, even the damned tunnel that Christie and Cuomo are arguing about.  Use the cheap commodities to build things at fire sale prices.

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