Saturday, August 15, 2015

Before I forget

It being a quasi-vacation week, I have been somewhat remiss in my blogging.  Just sent Graham off to bed, and I'd better get my fingers, brain, and browser aligned here before I get distracted.

Tennis again with Rob today here in Larchmont.  We decided against keeping score, which was good, and we hit together well for an hour or so, but at the end I needed to hustle back to the house to head into Manhattan.  My phone, which had been snuggly nestled inside of my racket cover, went into my pocket and then, as if all that computing power gave it an actual brain of its own, it hopped right out and tumbled to the court.  Crack! Went the screen, and that phone is toast.  I can't even answer a phone call, so screwed is the screen.

And so, I fumed and flagellated myself mercilessly, but I had to get my shit back in gear, as Mary had convinced me that I should escort the kids into Manhattan to see Hamilton, which had received such rave reviews from everybody with a pen and a platform to publish on, and which Beth had somehow gotten tickets for, 3 days into its Broadway run after debuting to rave reviews at the Public.

The show, in point of fact, was phenomenal.  I will try to give it its due in a later post, but now I must go and put Graham to bed.

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