Tuesday, February 16, 2010


At lunch today I happened to catch a few minutes of a men's curling match between the US and Germany. I must say I was pleased to be able to figure out which country they represented by looking at their outfits.  Frankly I find the fact that Olympic teams are sporting more corporate logos than flags a little confusing and, frankly, a little boring. I'm not Joe Patriot or anything, but when you're watching sports events you know absolutely nothing about, it's helpful for starters to know who your supposed to be cheering for.  From there you can decide if you actually want to pull for them.

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Anonymous said...

last nights Swiss-USA curling match was an instant classic. A beautiful last throw by the Swiss team cleared out all US stones and the US could not capitalize on the hammer at the end. Of course it wouldn't be curling w/o the customary good sportsmanship. How they play this sport w/o beer involved amazes me.