Monday, February 08, 2010

Henry Paulson on his Prius

Stephen Wozniak of Apple days of yore was cited today on Huffpost and Bloomberg, concerning "scary" issues concerning cruise control and acceleration in his Prius.  This caused the Grouse to wonder about how other famous Prius drivers are doing in their little love boxes, specifically Henry Paulson, so beloved for his roles at Goldman Sachs and the Treasury.  So the Grouse picked up the phone and gave Hank a call.  Here are a few of his comments:  "If anything, I'm concerned that the Prius is a little underpowered at present.  Does the gasoline engine have enough power to keep the electric one fully charged?  Stepping on the brakes is the last thing we need to do right now.  In conditions as icy as these, one shouldn't be tapping on the breaks at all. If the vehicle is beginning to slip, I see my job as steering it in the direction of the spin to stop it from having a hard landing. And as for Wozniak's problems with his cruise control, well, we're anything but ready for cruise control right now.  I sent Kashkari out tooling around in mine to come up with some emergency plans for the Prius's navigation in a holistic sense, and he and his task force came up with a proposal that we've shared with Chairman Bernanke and noone else, but I'm prepared to take to Congress if it becomes necessary... the absolute worst is when birds fly into it, but they don't break the glass... I always insist that Corzine wear his seat belt.."

At this point in time the former Secretary began to ramble a little bit, not unlike grandpa Simpson, so I quietly excused myself and returned to my task.

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