Sunday, November 08, 2015

A tight day

Much to do today, a difficult instance of time allocation, on a freaking Sunday, of all days

  1. I'd like to finish my book on the neurobiology of markets
  2. Need to get leaves managed down, especially those on the roof.  This has been quite difficult this year, with all the rain.  But the ones on the roof really need to come down, because they trap water in corners and a big dump of rain is expected early in the week
  3. Memorial service for Scott Clarke
    1. Already did load of shirts so I'd have a clean white one for that
    2. Go pick up Russell beforehand, since he can't drive since he had a stroke
  4. Lake Forest Association annual open meeting at 7:30, where I need to present on the dam and my efforts to get to know it and take care of it, and to fulfill the state mandate to put in place an Emergency Action Plan
  5. Watch Star Trek with Graham, share a few words in the hallway with Natalie
All in all, as with every day, a key theme here is the eternal struggle against decay and aging,  As the example of Scott Clarke points out, cancer is one of the true X-Factors that counsels constant humility, because it is so far beyond our control as to defy description.

It looks like aerobic exercise will suffer today, though if I do any raking in the back yard that gives my muscles some work.

Tomorrow Natalie must be at school at 6:15 am for field trip to DC.

Meanwhile, outside the windows, it's a grey day, and the leaves are coming down in blizzards.  Really it's quite lovely, but would be even better with a little sun.

All in all, I am glad I took the time to blog.

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