Saturday, September 26, 2015

Service getting better

I went to a business networking lunch a couple of weeks ago for a group that meets in the same place every week.  The service wasn't good.  Particularly when it came time to pay, the wait staff was slow to come give us bills and take our cards.

At the time I reflected that the wait staff was African-American women, and, given that the labor market is pretty tight around here, it was not improbable that they were new to waiting tables.  In fact, that day I remember one of them taking a really long time getting another table's order, right when we needed to get our checks, which is typical of new staff, trying to make friends with every table and acting too much as a "meal counselor."

Net net, it's probably reflective of a healthy situation where new people are being drawn into the workforce and are learning to work with customers, an all-important skill in many if not all types of work.

This last week, things ran much better at the lunch.  They got our checks early and turned them around really quickly.  It may be that the one of our group had spoken to the manager beforehand, whatever.  It's all good.

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