Sunday, May 10, 2015


Played tennis with Adam Thursday, then soccer yesterday, and now my knee is swollen and sore. Today I took Graham out to throw the frisbee a little and found myself pretty immobile, unnable to chase the damned disc.

This should not come as a shock to me, as I am several weeks past 49, closing in on (gasp) 50.  But it was, in fact, rather disconcerting to me to be constrained in my ability to get around.  I found myself viewing it as rather portentious.

Fact is, however, that I am much less immobile than I was, say, 5 years and change ago, when I yoinked my butt muscle while waterskiing after getting shitty advice from Niklaus on technique. That took a while to heal, and I wasn't 100% certain that it would.  I seem to recall being somewhat philosophical about that incident.

The difference is, I think, that my next birthday is in fact that big 5-0, and that I am therefore fearful about and in denial of aging.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I played tennis with Clark Thursday, basketball later that night, outdoor activities over the weekend and basketball again on Sunday night and I feel fine.

Cleric Mikhailovich de Troi said...

On the one hand, u r tha man. On the other, you coulda got your lazy butt over to at least one of our soccer games this season.