Thursday, January 29, 2015

A few words about Cary

So, honestly, I really do my best to stay positive about Cary, to seek out the best stuff there.  I had lunch with Gina at Belle a few months ago, and that was pretty nice.  When I needed to have a coffee with a professor from State, I suggested La Farm rather than a Starbucks he mentioned, because Our State magazine (to which I have recently subscribed -- yes, gentle reader, I am that old) said it had the best bread. It was a little disappointing to realize that La Farm was the place that baked bread we get at Whole Foods in Chapel Hill, but what can you do.  We like the bread, there was just no discovery to be had.

So when, at lunch the other day, I saw that Cary magazine was having its annual best of issue, I thought I'd check it out.  And what did I find.

Best Burger:  Five Guys  CHAIN
Best Fries:  Five Guys  CHAIN

Best Place to get a coctail:  Bonefish Grill  CHAIN
Best Mexican Restaurant:  Los Tres Magueyes  CHAIN (OK, a small one, 8 locations)
Best New Restaurant:  Firebirds Wood Fired Grill  CHAIN
Best Asian Restaurant:  Sushi Thai... come on, that doesn't even make sense
Best Pizzeria:  Mellow Mushroom  CHAIN

And get this:  Best Italian Restaurant:  Daniel's Restaurant and Catering

Here are some highlights:  "Our parmesan dishes (eggplant, veal, and shrimp) are prepared in-house, hand cut, breaded, and fried when ordered so they're nice and crisp.  We top the entrees with our marinara sauce, and a healthy amount of mozzarella cheese."  This is not really worthy of comment.

However I try to find the best of Cary, there is no there there.

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