Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unread email count hovers near 666

This has been going on for months. I have flirted with the dread number of the beast, off and on, for some time in my personal email account. Each time I see the number pop up I instinctively rush in and cull my unread emails, harvest the junk, get it down in 600 range, but then it creeps back up on me.

I know if I went in and got it down to 400 or so I'd feel better. Or do I derive some sick pleasure by this dalliance with digital Mephistopheles?

Last week in Vegas I was in room 669, in the "Roman Tower." Across the hall from me was, you guessed it, room 666. Gee, if I were designing a hotel, I'd think of skipping that number, along with floor 13, right?


Todd said...

No way! Several years ago I was in Vegas for a conference and stayed at Caesar's Palace. My room number was, you guessed it, 666. When the check in clerk was handling getting my room assignment, I saw his face fall. He asked me if I was superstitious. I told him no, and he said that was a good thing because that was the only room available. From the way he handled it, it seemed like the staff has to deal with the issue of people complaining about that every day. Why not just make that room number go away?

Anonymous said...

Is that your unread email count or your enhanced measurement?