Thursday, January 14, 2010

A chip

I will confess to paternal pride when told of how Graham is viewed as a general authority on a wide range of questions in his kindergarden class. He's been out sick for much of the last week with something (bronchitis?). Apparently, the teacher was asking the kids why you could see your breath when it was cold outside and nobody had the answer. Then someone said "I wish Graham was here, he would know."


Anonymous said...

Wait until the first classmate cracks the first Graham-cracker joke or they all listen to the Graham-o-phone. Then all hell will break loose and you will be forced to wield your mighty staff against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune! King Arthur had Excalibur, but you, my friend, have a far more formidable ally... enhancement cream! Those would-be kindergarten ruffians will be vanquished faster than foreign capital investment in Russia. But I must stop waxing eloquent and begin waxing myself with your newest product, enhancement wax for the Brazilian market.

Anonymous said...

That was strilly and tragical.