Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best for the holidays

Pathetically enough, the Grouse is still grinding it out at his desk this late on Christmas Eve, evidence of his general conscientiousness as a footsoldier in the great game of capitalism. Or just demonstrating that he appreciates his paycheck and other benefits.

Tooled around Westchester today in Susan's Mini convertible. Sweet handling, crappy visibility. Got some pizza cuz hey, I'm in the Northeast, what else are you gonna do?

A hearty Grouse-style fart-out to the boneheads at, who discovered that one of the items Mary had ordered for Natalie was out of stock, did not even send an email to let us know, and then the "customer service" person who answered the phone didn't even begin to apologize. I know where we'll never be spending another nickel of our hard-earned cash.

Now back to the grindstone for another hour or so.

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