Sunday, January 20, 2008

Waste of a holiday

Martin Luther King Jr Day is such a waste. Not, mind you, that I don't support commemorating the life of King. In that sense it's as worthy a holiday as we have, well more so than say, Presidents' Day, Columbus Day, Labor Day, etc.

No no, it's just that we don't need a holiday in January, we just had a bunch. What would be good is a holiday in March or April. Problem is, all of the commemorable events in King's life cluster near other holidays. The "I have a Dream Speech" was right near Labor Day. On the other hand, the "Bloody Sunday" of the march on Selma was March 25, and he was assasinated on April 4 (like Lincoln, who got nailed April 14).

So we will just have to live with not working this Monday.


Anonymous said...

Though not fashionable or politically correct in the institutitons of higher learning a fair number of Americans still cling to the quaint habit of celebrating Easter, honoring another individual who has had a lasting impact upon the lives of many Americans.

ChewYourGrouse said...

It is great for religions to celebrate holidays, and fine for people to observe them. There are no Easter-related Federal holidays, nor should there be. For some reason the New York Stock Exchange schedule (which drives many calendars here) gives up Good Friday. I think it would be easier to celebrate King when people feel more celebratory.