Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Office Hotel

There is a place in Manhattan, OK many of them, where virtual enterprises thrive. The office hotel is a wierd netherworld, something like the gumshoe land of noire of yore, where corporate homunculi such as yours truly pass in the night of day. Businesses to be and becoming nest in this demimonde for a premium, sharing kitchen, whiteboard and receptionist. Gloria, who manned the desk at the one on the 20th floor of 14 Wall Street, said she answered the phone for at least 50 companies. And each one of them convincingly, from what I heard.

People in the office hotels are, oddly, mellower than in normal offices, as if they know they're not going to make it. There is a wierd transient anonymity to it all. You have to wonder if there's more office sex going on in the hotel than in the normal office.

I haven't seen any just yet. But I'll keep my eyes out.


Anonymous said...

Doubt there's any office sex going on but there's ample time for self-enhancement in the bowels of the office hotel. Slather on! anonymous worker in the night.

Anonymous said...

Just like a man to think that anonymous + available = sex. Where's the romance? (Although maybe something could happen when Ben catches you applying the cream...)